• CHCL health clinics provide a REWARDS PROGRAM for children to help educate on the importance of developing healthy habits through prevention and knowledge.

Healthy Kids Club

Why Join Healthy Kids Club?

  • Learn the importance of developing healthy habits and seeing your doctor, dentist, and eye doctor every year.
  • It has been proven that children who visit their physician early, maintain regular checkups, receive the proper immunizations, and have routine dental screenings decrease their risk for disease
  • Have a medical home for children and their families
  • Earn points for attending well checks, immunizations, eye, and dental appointments.
  • Redeem points for cool, age-appropriate prizes from CHCL’s Healthy Kids Closet.
  • It’s FREE!
  • All children age newborn to 10 years of age can join!
    Instantly earn rewards during first appointment!
    Children will have access to social services. Children will learn good healthy habits!
  • Children earn points for attending well checks, immunizations and dental appointments!
    Points are redeemed for cool prizes for parents and kids from CHCL’s Healthy kids closet!
    Parents that participate with their child are also eligible for rewards when their child is one year old and two years old!